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Image of disc golf accessories on a table Off The Chains Disc Golf is a lighthearted disc golf simulation developed for VR from the ground up. Play alone or with friends and learn how to become a disc golf pro.

Disc Physics

Both disc golf veterans and newcomers alike will appreciate our realistic disc physics. Each disc has its own rating using a 4-number rating system that will be familiar to disc golf enthusiasts, but easy for newcomers to learn.


The best part of disc golf? Playing with your friends of course. Enjoy all playable courses with lobby-based private and public matchmaking.

Unlock New Items

Image of disc golf accessories on a table

Throughout the course of the game you will unlock new discs and new disc bags. Customize the collection that you want to take with you on your next round.

Take In The Scenery

With multiple beautiful courses with varying biomes you may find yourself stopping to just enjoy the scenery, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that! This simulation is designed to be relaxing and enjoyable. Take all the time you need. Breathe. Throw discs. Repeat.


  • Play 63 baskets across 4 courses each offering unique environments and difficulties

  • Easy to learn (even if you have never played real-life disc golf) but challenging to master

  • Realistic disc flight physics

  • Discs use a 4 number rating system that will be familiar to disc golf enthusiasts (speed, glide, turn, and fade)

  • Multiplayer support to connect with your friends across the world casually, competitively, or just to practice

  • Discover new discs and disc bags as you progress through the game

Image of disc golf accessories on a table


Dream Nerdy is an independent game development studio founded in early 2020. We are dedicated to developing games where we think about the gamer’s experience first.

We started development of OTCDG roughly a year ago and at that time there weren’t any other disc golf games available for PC (either VR or non-VR). Since that time, a few others have popped up and released. We believe we have the best contender by a longshot. We’re developing this game to be VR-first because we believe that there is something really magical about being fully immersed and lining up your shot like you do in the real life sport. Regardless, we think we’ve made the best Disc Golf game around whether it be VR or non-VR. This is not a tech demo, and not ‘just’ a simulator - this is a captivating game with a fun progression system and solid multiplayer features.

Why “Dream Nerdy”? Everyone is Nerdy about something - you’ve got a passion, and we think you should dream big with it.

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